Combat and Progression

In Twin Moon Galaxy, enemies appear on the map. Combat begins when the player collides with an enemy (some battles also begin through events). There are three different ways the player and an enemy can collide. If the player and the enemy are facing each other, then the battle is normal and no one has an advantage. If the enemy is facing the player, but the player is facing away, then the battle will give advantage to the enemy. Finally, if the player faces the enemy, but the enemy faces away, then the advantage will go to the player.

Once a battle begins, enemies and players will attack one at a time (turn based). When it is the turn of a player character, a menu will appear which will allow you to select a skill. After selecting a skill, you will select a target. Afterwards, the player character will execute the skill on the target you selected. The battle will the move on to the next turn. This continues until either all player characters or enemies are defeated. When you successfully complete a battle, each player character will be awarded skill points. These skill points can be used to enhance the skills of player characters.

Each player character can have between 1 and 4 skills. For example, Maia begins the game with two skills. The first is a kick ability which allows her to damage enemies. The second skill is Focus which allows her to heal herself (or other party members). As you progress through the game, player characters will learn new skills.

When you are not in the combat, the menu in the top right will allow you to assign skill points to player characters (a message will notify you next to the menu button if you have unassigned skill points). You can add skill points to the skills of player characters. Don’t worry about making a mistake, you can always remove skill points and assign them to a different skills. Most skills will have two enhancements available. A basic enhancement which can be assigned 4 skill points, and a special enhancements that can be assigned 1 skill points. Therefore, Maia can have up to 10 assigned skill points at the beginning of the game. However, as mentioned earlier, she will gain new skills as the story progresses.

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